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Aug, 2018


Accountability -- TD Lukic

As October begins, a new core value will be highlighted this month. Accountability is asking the question, “Who am I accountable to?” Accountability is foundational to the Rush club culture. Understanding accountability at Rush means understanding that part of the success in the beautiful game is being accountable to oneself, coaches, and technical directors.

Part of a Technical Director’s role is to keep the standard of accountability within their club, and the Rush organization. Wisconsin West Technical Director Nicole Lukic holds that standard for her club.

“Being in a Technical Director role within the Rush organization has greatly changed my opinion on what it means to be accountable. Accountability starts with leadership and at the end of the day, I am responsible for the choices we make at Rush Wisconsin West. When something doesn't go as planned here, I take ownership for it regardless of my level of involvement. Accountability builds trust, and when your staff sees you hold yourself accountable, they are more willing to do the same.”

Lukic continues, “The most common accountability aspects I deal with is responding to others in a timely manner and following through with commitments. There are a lot of people that rely on me to deliver them detailed information in a timely fashion. Being accountable to others helps create an environment for success.”

Being in the Rush also means that as a TD, I am accountable to the Rush Soccer organization. Anything Rush Wisconsin West does is a direct reflection on Rush Soccer and anyone who is a part of this club. Because I am a part of something larger than myself, larger than my community, larger than my region, etc. I am driven to deliver my best.  I use this to motivate myself and work to exceed expectations. As a result, I am a better TD and accountable to those around me.”

Lukic utilizes a specific accountability chart that she and the WI West staff have created to establish their goals.

“We use an accountability chart for our staff that is similar to Rush Soccer's Accountability Chart. The chart is complete with tasks that our directors and coaching staff complete throughout the calendar soccer year August - June. Similar to Rush Soccer's chart, each person either receives a green, yellow, or red mark for completing the task on time, completing it late, or not completing it all. The chart is just a reminder of expectations that help staff stay organized with the off the field aspects that come with leading a program and/or coaching a team.

We have used the accountability chart for the last three years and I believe we are starting to see some of the benefits that it has created. One of the tasks on the chart for coaches is a bi-weekly communication to their team. That piece of communication has grown trust within our club, has improved our club culture, and has strengthened our unity.”

The benefits of an accountability system do not end there, as Lukic expands on accountability in relation to overall club success.

“Accountability can be the difference maker in whether or not your club is reaching their goals. To me accountability goes hand in hand with the Rush Way. It is the little actions you do every day that are easy to do, (but they are also just as easy not to do), that starts to create a culture of accountability. Without accountability it is difficult to learn, improve, and produce a higher result than previously delivered. Within a club, accountability builds trust. Trust builds relationships. Relationships build club culture.”

As club culture builds it impacts relationships, not only with coaches but with players.

“The accountability system we use at Wisconsin West has no doubt strengthened our staff. Because all of the staff have access to the chart, everyone can see who is doing the work and who is not. It has created an environment that allows coaches to compete with each other and ask more of their peers. No one wants to be the coach with the most red marks at the end of the season.

Accountability builds trust between coaches and players. Following through on commitments to each other, to the team, and to the club unifies everyone and allows us to work toward our goals.”

Lukic concludes, “Accountability can be challenging and uncomfortable at times, but certainly worth the results.”

As with the Passion & Purpose that Rush Soccer promotes in every area of the club at large, accountability between its members continues to produce more passionate and purposeful coaches and staff. The path to victory is a challenging road, but the Core Values continue to teach and guide coaches, players and staff all along the Rush Pathway.


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